VENERGY SOLAR produces quality ensured PV modules suitable for all system types: residential, commercial, industrial, and utility. And all modules have proven their high performance and lasting reliability in the field, where it matters the most.

Standard Module

Our standard modules, as the BEST-SELLING module type, with outstanding power output capability are certified to withstand the majority of environmental conditions and lasting reliability in the field.

Eclipse Module

This, is the most innovative, new PV module, Eclipse, as a perfect module meets all of your needs, innovative module technology utilizes traditional solar cells, increases efficiency, improves reliability and aesthetics, and reduces BOS cost. What you want is all “Behind the Eclipse”



The new Eclipse module is a significant breakthrough in module innovation. To achieve a breakthrough, you must improve all aspects of the product including its manufacturing. We teamed up with advanced equipment suppliers to develop a proprietary process and was able to achieve unbeatable efficiencies in power output. This ensures that you will receive a product with an outstanding performance and achieve savings for decades into the future.